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Knowing When To Have “Me Time”

Knowing When To Have “Me Time” - MD GLAM

Self care is so important to have. Let’s have “Me Time”.

If you have watched my Snapchat and Instagram stories you have probably seen that I started my day at 6am with a surgery, followed by consults in the office, then makeup and glam for filming. My days usually ends around 9pm. After a long day, my skin gets exposed to a lot of sweat, lights, toxins, and stress. I absolutely love coming home and washing my face with my MDGLAM cleanser and scrub, which leaves my skin with a soft and satin clean and fresh feeling. The yummy scrub is my “ahhhh” at the end of the day. I feel so refreshed. Also, applying my moisturizer and my MDGLAM skincare routine is my “me time”. For those of you who use MDGLAM – you know what I’m talking about.

-Dr. Cat



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