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What is Skin Radiance? How To Get Radiant Skin


Brighten and lighten your complexion with the right skincare routine for more radiant skin. 

We’ve all seen the models and celebrities that seem to glow on the big screen or social media, right? There’s just something about the way that their skin looks, and how they exude confidence. Some women just seem to have that effortless glow.  

While there’s no single word or firm definition for that…you know…look, we’ve come to know it as skin radiance. But how do they achieve it? Sure, they have stylists and make-up artists (and perhaps a photoshop expert or two behind the scenes). But it’s also easier for you to achieve a similar glow within your own skincare routine if you know what to look for. 

What is Skin Radiance?

Diving into the definition of radiant skin

So what is radiant skin anyway? When we talk about a radiant look to your skin, we’re talking about skin that looks young, elastic, and healthy. From a technical standpoint, we’re also talking about skin that just seems to reflect light more prominently rather than looking dull in appearance. 

There’s also more than one contributing factor to determining what is skin radiance. For example, smoother skin can appear silkier and reflect light better, making it appear more radiant. However, skin tone can also affect radiance with fewer dark spots helping to contribute to a lighter look and more even feel. 

radiant-skin-defininition-mdglamHere are just a few factors that can impact skin radiance:

  • Smoothness
  • Tone
  • Sun damage
  • Redness 
  • Irritation and inflammation
  • Wrinkles

As you can probably tell, what these all have in common are signs of aging. That’s because skin radiance is usually associated with younger, healthier-looking skin.

Steps to achieving more radiant skin

The good news is that not all is lost when it comes to having radiant skin. You just have to understand your existing skin concerns and know where and how to treat them within your skincare routine. 

Reduce Wrinkles

Wrinkles occur when the skin starts to lose its elasticity, literally created by elastin and collagen in the skin cells themselves. As we age, we naturally produce fewer of these vital proteins that help us look and feel our best. 

You can supplement  your skin from the outside. Look for creams and moisturizers that contain vitamins A, B, C, and E, all of which can help promote the production of collagen in the skin. These nutrients can revitalize your skin and help it begin to make the products that are needed to reduce the signs of wrinkles and help you achieve a more radiant look. 

Glam It Up: Our Hyaluronic Acid Night C-Complex moisturizer contains all the vitamins and more you’ll need to promote the production of complexion-plumping collagen. 

De-Puff Your Eyes

depuff-eyes-for-radiant-skinIt can be hard to feel (or look) radiant when you have bags under your eyes, yet this pesky puffiness is persistent for many of us. This is often caused by swelling and, you guessed it, a lack of collagen and elastin production that can help tighten the skin and keep it looking radiant. 

Again, it’s all about what you can nurture your skin with from the outside, and products that contain retinol have been shown to reduce puffiness by boosting the production of collagen in the skin. Do away with your tired eyes with the right treatment, and you can start to have radiant skin in no time. 

Glam It Up: Go with the best in skincare for the delicate skin around your eyes with our premium antioxidant and collagen-promoting Retinol-C Intense Eye Serum

Keep Things Clean

We’re not calling you dirty, but it’s important to have a regular cleansing routine that not only strips away dirt, oil, and makeup but also replenishes your skin with the nutrients it needs. Otherwise, you might just end up with dry, dull skin that feels anything but radiant.

To do this, try coupling a rich daily cleanser with an exfoliant at least several times a week. Any exfoliant you use should be gentle on the skin while helping refine any imperfections for a smoother complexion. And your cleanser should include vitamins and minerals that can help revitalize the skin as you go. 

Glam It Up: The MD Glam Pore Beautifying Set contains a dynamic duo of exfoliant and cleanser that will help promote a clean slate while also boosting healthy skin with a bevy of nutrients and vitamins. 

Prevent Future Damage

spf-uv-ray-protection-mdglamYou might not feel radiant right now, but there’s more you can do to prevent damage that can affect your radiance in the future too. Consider that the sun’s rays can damage collagen and elastin while causing dark spots and other hyperpigmentation all in one fell swoop. That’s a lot of damage from a single source. 

Luckily, you can be proactive about it. Sunscreen might not be the most popular skin care solution, but it’s rising in prominence as more people realize that prevention is the easiest treatment. Using an SPF of 50 (at a minimum) can help block harmful rays from aging your skin faster than it needs to. 

Glam It Up: Our Sunshout Sunscreen SPF 50 stands out from the crowd because it is super lightweight and can be worn even under makeup so you never have an excuse to go without it. 

Set Skin Troubles Aside with Radiant Skin from MD Glam 

radiant-skin-from-mdglamWhen it comes to radiant skin, the key to keep in mind is that it’s mainly about how the skin reflects the light back. Smoother, more even skin with proper nutrients and regular collagen production is more likely to produce that radiant look you crave. And while you might feel tired, you don’t have to look tired when you have a skincare routine designed to bolster your skin’s overall health.

That’s where MD Glam shines. We’ve created a complete program that is designed to help produce improved results in your skin’s health so that you look – and feel – your best all of the time. The Full MD Glam Collection contains everything you’ll need for more radiant skin with complimentary products designed to work together to create smooth, brilliant, younger-looking skin. 

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