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7 Natural Ways To Delay Aging Process

7 Natural Ways To Delay Aging Process

Tips To Delay Aging Process Naturally

Although everyone accepts that the passage of time is inevitable, most people would rather not see the signs of aging. There are a great number of products that purport to slow or halt the aging process and maintain your youthful beauty whilst doing so, but as aging affects the whole body there is also a need for more holistic solutions. The following tips can help slow the internal and external signs of age.

Start the day with olive oil and lemon. Every morning, take a tablespoon of olive oil mixed with the juice of half a lemon to boost anti-inflammatory agents, polyphenols, polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidant vitamin C.

Banish junk food. When we are young and wrinkles are the least of our worries, we tend to abuse burgers, fries and soda. However, skin has an infallible memory and all that it endures today will be visible tomorrow. Fried foods and foods high in sugars increase glycation cells, which destroy collagen and elastin. Focus on healthy diet with foods that are rich in omega oils, protein and calcium for bone health.

Drink orange juice. It helps repair sun damage and stress, while boosting collagen synthesis due to its high vitamin C content, known for its anti-aging properties. Orange juice is best utilized when taken at breakfast. If you do not like orange juice, you can replace it with grapefruit, fresh red pepper or broccoli.

Exercise keeps the joints, muscles and bones strong and the body supple. Walk 40 minutes on a treadmill three times a week. Being active is good not only for the body but also for the skin, because exercise increases the oxygen supply in cells and tissues. Avoid activities like running on concrete or hard ground, which can encourage facial sagging. Great runners have premature wrinkles and lines because of the constant impact running inflicts on the body and the face. Avoid this by walking, or using step and elliptical machines.

Exfoliate once a week. Over time, skin loses its firmness and pores open, especially if they are clogged with sebum or make-up. Deep cleanse the skin regularly to delay the onset of fine lines and wrinkles and brighten the complexion.

Drink more water. Ensure that you are well hydrated and take additive free nutritional supplements if necessary, so that you do not lack the vitamins and minerals the body needs to properly function. Avoid cosmetic products that contain alcohol as they tend to dry the skin.

We may not be able to prevent growing older, but we can mitigate some of the side effects, like poor skin condition and compromised physical health. Starting today, we can take steps to eradicate bad habits and focus on maintaining a body that is healthy and vibrant inside and out.



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