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Top 6 Fruits to Eat for Glowing Skin

Top 6 Fruits to Eat for Glowing Skin

The Top 6 Fruits to Include in Your Diet for Glowing, Radiant & Beautiful Skin

You probably know that eating a well-rounded and nutritious diet is a great way to promote better health and care for your body. But, did you know that you can eat fruits for a youthful complexion as well?

If you want to look and feel your best both inside and out, continue reading through this guide as we explain what is the best fruit for skin health and the science behind eating nourishing foods for the skin. 

Does Eating Healthy Fruits for Skin Health Work?

Before we dive into our list of the best fruit for skin, let’s talk about whether or not eating nourishing fruits for the skin is effective. 

At the basic level, making fresh fruits a regular part of your diet helps your body get enough nutrients, antioxidants, and other essential vitamins. In turn, this helps your body with the production of collagen, the protein we produce that makes our skin firm and radiant. 

healthy-food-choices-for-healthy-skin-mdglamPlus, eating fruits can help your body tame inflammation and fight infections, all of which is beneficial to your skin’s complexion. Fruit is also beneficial to your skin since it helps build and repair tissue, promoting a more youthful appearance. 

Dr. Cat always recommends consuming foods with anti-aging benefits and healthy eating for beautiful skin. So, considering the research we’ve covered so far, she also points to fruit as a very crucial part of a good diet for clear skin. Below, you will find her list of healthy fruits for skin that you should consider incorporating into your diet. 

    1. Avocado

avocado-for-anti-aging-skincare-benfitsDr. Cat highlights avocados as the best fruit for skin health. Avocado is full of monounsaturated fatty acids, making it a very hydrating fruit that helps protect the outer layer of your skin. These wonderful properties help with anti-aging by limiting the impact of UV rays on the skin. 

A recent study from 2022 even found that daily avocado consumption improved the elasticity and firmness of women’s facial skin. 

Plus, avocados are very budget-friendly and versatile, meaning it’s easy to add them to your everyday diet. 

    1. Orange

Oranges are one of the top fruits for skin health, mostly due to their high concentration of Vitamin C which prevents oxidative damage and photodamage, direct causes of aging skin.

This is also one of the antioxidant-rich fruits for skin, which can help prevent DNA damage, boost collagen production, and cut down on inflammation. So, it’s clear to see that eating more oranges is a great way to brighten up your skin’s complexion. 

You may already be eating plenty of oranges in your diet because they’re delicious and easy to find in grocery stores–but now you know they’re great for your skin, too!

    1. Pineapple

pineapple-exfoliating-agent-for-skincareNext up is pineapple, another example of nutritious fruits for beautiful skin. Not only do people eat pineapple for a better complexion, but you can also apply it topically as well. 

You may have even noticed that many popular face masks and products use pineapple as a key ingredient. In fact, MD Glam’s Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub contains pineapple stem powder because of how effective it is at revealing soft, satin-smooth skin. 

Studies have shown that pineapple is great at promoting cell regeneration with the help of its potent enzyme, bromelain. Aside from dead skin cell renewal, this enzyme also helps minimize inflammation of the skin.

Additionally, important vitamins like Vitamins A, C, and K are all present in pineapple, which play a big role in your overall skin health. 

    1. Watermelon

watermelon-anti-aging-skincare-benefitsOne of the best fruits for glowing skin is watermelon, especially for those who suffer from sensitive skin or acne. A fascinating fact about watermelon is that it is made of 92% water, so it’s a delicious and hydrating treat that can help your body flush out toxins and regulate your digestive tract. 

It’s also full of vitamins like Vitamin A, C, B1, and B6, in addition to carotenoids, flavonoids, and lycopene which are all great for skin health and anti-aging

Watermelon may be easier to find in the summer, so take advantage of its ripe season to reap all its benefits.

    1. Papaya

Another example of healthy fruits for skin is papaya. Rich in Vitamins A, B, and C, and minerals like potassium, copper, and magnesium, papaya is a great choice to add to your diet if you want glowing, healthy, and radiant skin

Other great properties of papaya include its antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal traits, which help the fruit treat skin conditions like eczema, warts, and ulcers, among others. 

Aside from eating this decadent fruit, some even create a paste with the fleshy part of the fruit and apply it to their face as a mask for up to ten minutes at a time. 

    1. Lemon

lemon-brightens-complexionLemons are one of the most rejuvenating fruits for the skin, supporting a clear and blemish-free complexion. 

Just like oranges, lemons are rich in Vitamin C, a great antioxidant that defends against free radicals and has the ability to effectively flush toxins from the body. Not to mention, a 2020 study found that the flavonoids in lemon peel can control oxidate stress and inflammation from UV exposure. 

To take advantage of all these benefits, use MD Glam’s DMAE Antioxidant Day Moisturizer, which contains lemon peel in the formulation, among other helpful vitamins, to counter free radicals from UV exposure and other environmental toxins. 

Lemon is also effective in brightening the skin and preventing hyperpigmentation. Plus, it has been shown to fight against inflammation in the skin, which can help prevent acne breakouts. 

While tart and sour when eaten alone, a great way to consume lemon is by squeezing a fresh one into hot water in the morning with a few drops of pure honey or adding freshly squeezed juice to a salad as a dressing. 

Other Tips on Promoting Healthy Skin

dr-cat-begovic-beverly-hills-skincare-mdglamWhile adding these fruits for radiant skin into your diet can be very beneficial, we’ll now provide you with some additional tips from Dr. Cat to help you prevent aging and improve the overall appearance of your skin. 

Good Night’s Sleep

"They say there is no replacement for a good night’s rest," which Dr. Cat agrees with. Many people don’t understand how sleep affects your skin, though it is a crucial element in preventing premature aging and making your skin look more youthful and vibrant.

If you don’t get enough rest, your body makes more of the stress hormone cortisol, which can lead to inflammation, acne, premature aging, and psoriasis.

The CDC recommends adults get at least seven hours of sleep per night. This will not only have positive implications on your skin health, but it will also help you feel more refreshed and rejuvenated!

Quality Skincare Routine

quality-skincare-routine-mdglamAnother important factor to help you preserve your youthful appearance is to have a good skincare routine in place. 

When using quality products like MD Glam, you can benefit from medical-grade, advanced skincare technology that can reverse the signs of aging. Plus, it smells and feels good, too!

Only made with the best ingredients, adding products like the Ultimate Anti-Aging Kit or the Retinol-C Intense Eye Serum to your skincare routine can give you the anti-aging benefits and brightening effects you’ve always wanted from skincare products. 

Final Thoughts on Eating Healthy Fruits for Skin Health 

After reading through this list of the best fruit for skin health, it’s clear to see that there are many options for getting skin-friendly vitamins and nutrients through a healthy diet. 

With properties that fight inflammation, defend against free radicals, limit UV damage, and hydrate, there are a number of reasons why you should make fruits a regular part of your diet.

So, make sure you’re taking advantage of this affordable, easy, and tasty way to promote better skin health and radiate your beauty from the inside, out!

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