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5 Reasons You Have Dark Spots on Your Face


Wondering where the dark spots on your face are coming from? You’re not alone! As we age gracefully, we’re often faced with changes in our skin that we can discover solutions for. Dark spots are just another sign that your skin needs an enhanced routine that can help it battle the impact of its environment and some of the habits you’ve developed along the way.

Discover where dark spots come from, what they are, and how you can reduce the signs while maximizing your skincare routine with this in-depth guide.

So what are dark spots anyway?

Those pesky darker areas of skin that might be appearing on your face are a type of hyperpigmentation that can show up as your skin ages. This is the result of collecting melanin in concentrated areas of your skin where the coloring naturally darkens over time. They’re usually small, flat spots that can vary in darkness and size. The spots are created when melanin is clumped together on your skin enough to show through. 

Of course, if you are experiencing dark spots on your skin for the first time, we recommend you see a doctor or dermatologist rule out anything more serious like skin cancer. Oftentimes, they’re more of a cosmetic concern that can be enhanced to look less prominent. 

5 Reasons You Have Dark Spots on Your Face

So we understand that dark spots are hyperpigmentation, but what causes this in the first place? There are a few major categories that this can fall into. 

#1. Sun exposure


The primary culprit when it comes to dark spots is ultraviolet, or UV, damage caused by the sun. The more your skin is exposed to UV rays without protection, the more likely it is to become affected by it. UV rays cause your skin to overproduce melanin by activating specific cells called melanocytes, which are responsible for adding color to your skin, hair, and eyes. As your skin is subjected to UV rays, the melanocytes activate and can affect the pigmentation in certain areas of your face. 

One of the best ways to protect against this is with regular use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen. MD Glam’s Sunshout Sunscreen is SPF 50, lightweight, and easy to wear even under makeup. 

#2. Hormones

It isn’t uncommon for skin to start to darken in response to hormonal changes as well. One of the biggest causes of this can be pregnancy, which can start to cause everything from faster growing hair to robust bouts of acne. Thankfully, these changes are usually temporary, with the skin fading back to its original coloring over time. This can be aided by keeping a proper skincare routine in place 

throughout any hormonal changes (natural or medication induced), including cleansing and exfoliating to keep skin fresh throughout. 

#3. Temperature

When you spend more time in hot spaces, from the beach to saunas, your skin can trigger hyperpigmentation as well. Dark patches or spots can grow, swell, or spread when you’re in intensely hotter environments, compounding issues you may already have. If you already have signs of dark spots, it can help to seek shade when you’re outside (in addition to your sunscreen) and pursue cooler temperatures whenever possible to keep inflammation down and dark spots at bay. 

#4. Inflammation


Inflammation occurs whenever your body’s immune system is triggered to fight infection or damage and issues white blood cells to help bring you back to health. During this process, your skin can swell, become red, and even discolor while your body puts its energy into the healing process. This can happen even with blunt trauma injuries, bruises, or acne damage in a post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation condition. 

One way to help battle these effects is to keep your skin well hydrated and supported with vitamins and minerals as it works to recover. MD Glam’s DMAE Antioxidant Day Moisturizer is aptly formulated to help reduce dark spots by bringing Vitamin C and E to the skin to counter free radicals that can enhance dark spots.

#5. Medication 

Sometimes the medications that we take can produce dark spots as a side effect. This is often the case with classes of drugs that increase your photosensitivity. These include estrogens, tetracyclines, and sulfonamides. If you’re concerned about the side effects of a medication that you are prescribed, you should certainly discuss those with your physician. Another thing to keep in mind is the importance of proper skin protection in sunscreens, adequate clothing, and seeking shade whenever possible to limit exposure to triggering UV rays. 

How to get rid of dark spots


While dark spots might be annoying, there’s plenty that you can do to reduce their appearance. Different techniques, products, and treatments can help lighten dark spots and reduce them over time. After ruling out temporary reasons or more severe causes such as cancers, you can talk to your dermatologist about options for addressing these pesky spots. 

You can also look for the following ingredients in your skincare regimen. 

  • Vitamin C: Reduces redness and hyperpigmentation while brightening the skin
  • Retinol: Lightens the skin by promoting cell regrowth
  • Vitamin A: Exfoliates dead skin and hastens fading in hyperpigmentation
  • Vitamin E: Calms inflammation on the skin and fades dark spots and scars
  • Aloe: Treats UV-induced and post-acne dark spots with regular use

The great news with all of this is that dark spots don’t have to be a permanently troublesome fixture on your skin. You can take steps to prevent them in the first place with proper sun protection and skincare routines that reduce their occurrence. 

And you can enhance the vibrancy of your skin with a blend of skin care products designed to reduce the signs of aging, including dark spots, for people from all walks of life and skin types. 

Unveil the true skin you’re in by putting it all together with the Full MD Glam Collection. What you’ll find inside is everything Dr. Cat has formulated to help bring out the best in your skin. 

  • Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub and Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser give your skin a clean slate no matter what life throws at you
  • DMAE Antioxidant Day Moisturizer and Hyaluronic Acid Night Complex deliver critical hydration along with vitamins and minerals
  • Sunshout Sunscreen provides protection from dark spots stimulating UVA and UVB rays
  • Retinol C Intense Eye Serum keeps dark spots at bay by combatting hyperpigmentation

Discover a skincare routine designed for skin like yours with MD Glam!

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