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6 Reasons to Hydrate for Healthy Skin: The Benefits of Drinking Water

6 Reasons to Hydrate for Healthy Skin: The Benefits of Drinking Water

The Top 6 Benefits of Drinking Water for Your Skin Complexion

Your skin and maintain its youthfulness with a surprisingly simple and cost-effective solution: water! Incorporate nutrient-dense, anti-aging foods into your daily diet and drink plenty of water each day for more hydrated, glowing skin. Establishing this basic yet highly effective routine as part of your lifestyle can not only make you look revitalized on the outside but will make you feel invigorated from inside too.

Continue reading below as Dr. Cat answers some of the questions you may have, like–does drinking water clear your skin and what are the benefits of water for the skin?

How Much Water Should You Drink a Day?

Before we dive into the benefits of water for the skin, let’s first discuss how much you should be drinking each day. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, the adequate level of water consumption per day, by gender, is: 

  • ~15.5 cups a day for men
  • ~11.5 cups a day for women

With this in mind, you can determine whether you’re drinking enough water in your day-to-day life, or if this is something you should work on. 

Dr. Cat notes that it’s always a good idea to hydrate, though to really see the full hydrated skin benefits, you’ll want to drink the proper amount each day. 

What are the Hydrated Skin Benefits?

Now that you have a better idea of how much water you should be drinking each day, let’s dive deeper into what does drinking water do for your skin. 

So does drinking water clear your skin, and can you prevent aging this way? Continue reading below to see what Dr. Cat has to say about these questions. 

1. Shrinks Pores

    The first benefit that Dr. Cat points out is that drinking water can actually help to shrink your pores. While there are many negative effects that can occur from clogged pores–like blemishes and breakouts–when dirt, makeup, and other environmental pollutants collect on your face, it can actually enlarge the look of them. 

    Enlarged pores are unsightly, and not something that people generally like on their faces. But, the good news is that drinking water can plump your skin, making the appearance of the pores shrink. 

    All in all, staying hydrated is not just good for your overall health, but it can keep your skin looking amazing by plumping its surface and shrinking the look of your pores. 

    2. Clears & Prevents Breakouts

      Similarly, Dr. Cat mentions that drinking water can lead to fewer breakouts on your face.

      Acne is multifactorial in origin, and each person has their own journey with this condition; however, those affected by persistent adult acne may find solace in increasing their intake of water daily.

      Surprisingly enough, dehydrated skin can be a major contributing factor to acne as it triggers increased oil production which leads to clogged pores and eventually breakouts.

      Thus, upping your water intake could be the key to clear skin!

      Though it may seem unusual, dry skin is often the primary perpetrator behind acne breakouts. As dehydration leads to increased oil production, this can result in clogged pores and cause an outbreak.

      Dr. Cat states that upping your water intake could be the solution - water helps flush out toxins from the skin and your pores, creating a better balance of oil and water so that your body won’t overproduce oils which could trigger blemishes.

      Though against our expectations, drinking more water might just be the secret to blemish-free skin!  

      3. Reduces Wrinkles & Premature Aging

        The atmosphere was charged with suspense and powerful enigma. The coolness of the night breeze sent chills across skin – the feeling of time standing still was almost tangible. But, beneath its savagery, the nighttime sky shone its beauty onto onlookers, filling them with an unyielding wonderment.

        Staying hydrated has a plethora of advantages for skin health; not only can it reduce signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines but also slow down the clock on aging altogether. When water intake is increased, your skin will be blessed with new found elasticity and firmness while providing a healthy youthful glow to accompany it! With abundant moisture in these dehydrated areas, the face will have better support preventing sagging - which is another premature sign of aging. Unexpectedly, drinking more water might be the hidden key to attaining everlasting youth!

        4. Reduces Puffiness

          You can also help reduce puffiness in the face by drinking enough water each day. In fact, your skin looks puffy in many instances because your body is trying to retain water to prevent you from getting dehydrated. 

          So, having a puffy face is a clear indicator that you’re not getting enough water each day. Because of this, you can easily prevent puffiness from occurring by making sure you stay hydrated. 

          5. Heals Skin Quicker

            Another benefit of drinking more water is that it can help your skin heal faster, Dr. Cat says. This is particularly beneficial when you have acquired a painful sunburn. 

            While drinking water isn’t the only way to heal a sunburn, it can quicken the process through its anti-inflammatory effects, in addition to applying topicals like aloe vera. 

            When you want to prevent sunburns from occurring in the first place, check out MD Glam’s Sunshout Sunscreen SPF 50, good for people of all ages. Surgeon-formulated and highly effective, this broad-spectrum sunscreen helps fight against the negative effects of UV overexposure, without clogging the pores or causing blemishes. 

            6. Helps with Eczema, Dryness & Itchiness

              Lastly, Dr. Cat explains that drinking ample enough water each day can help those who suffer from skin conditions like extreme dryness and eczema find some relief. 

              When you suffer from eczema, you will naturally have drier skin that can be quite painful and even crack open. This can allow external irritants to enter the body, causing further discomfort and sometimes blemishes. Plus, dry skin is inherently itchy, which is another cause of irritation for eczema sufferers. 

              While eczema is a chronic condition that people will have to deal with their entire lives, there are things they can do to lessen the uncomfortable symptoms, such as drinking more water. As one can assume, this makes the skin more hydrated and strengthens the external barrier. So, this can help eczema sufferers avoid flaky and itchy skin. 

              Other Tips for Getting Clear Skin

              Aside from drinking enough water and eating a good diet, there are some additional things you can do to help slow down the aging process and maintain your youthful-looking skin. 

              For instance, you should be getting enough sleep each night. Many people do not understand how sleep affects your skin, though the CDC recommends that adults get at least 7 hours each night. 

              Additionally, investing in a quality skincare routine is also an effective way at keeping a more youthful appearance for your skin. With this in mind, consistency is the key importance of a skincare routine, in addition to purchasing quality products like the ones we offer here at MD Glam.  

              With this in mind, our 5-Step System is a powerful combination of products that work to achieve anti-aging, nourishing, and preventative and protective effects with our new and advanced formulas. This system helps you improve your skin quality and appearance by targeting the most visible signs of aging and skin damage to rebuild collagen, repair lost elasticity, increase hydration, and refresh the skin. 

              Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Water for the Skin

              Now that you’ve seen the benefits of water for the skin, you can get excited by the fact that staying hydrated is a simple solution to seeing better skin. 

              Helping out your skin’s elasticity, preventing breakouts, shrinking pores, and more, staying hydrated has many benefits to the look and quality of your skin. So, when taken in combination with a healthy diet, good sleep pattern, and clinical skincare routine, you can build a solid foundation of anti-aging practices that will help you look and feel your best. 

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