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Femininity For Success - A Suppressed Superpower: Dr. Cat's Reflection


Many of us feel pressure to push aside our femininity or rebel against it in order to be taken seriously or to be viewed as capable, strong or even to be seen as an equal. My femininity has always just been an expression of my true self and along my personal journey navigating competitive and male-dominated arenas I felt empowered by fighting stereotypes I faced along the way. 

I am so thankful for social media which has allowed me to spread the message that anyone can be a doctor - no matter what your gender, race, hair color, makeup, no makeup, or how you dress. 

I want to give hope and encouragement to all those out there who want to pursue something they love - to be able to take that step with joy and passion, without fear of judgment, or discouragement because someone told them they would fail, or societal stereotypes holding them back.

Let us all free our hearts and our minds to see past appearances and our own prejudices to see the value in others and give them a chance to show who they are. 

- Dr. Cat



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