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What Is Skinimalism? How to Use Basic Skincare Routines


Go big and go bold with just a few champion skincare products that truly go to work for you and simplify your skincare routine.

Serums. Creams. Powders. Ointments. Masks. The list goes on and on when it comes to the piles and drawers full of skincare products we’ve tried out or convinced ourselves we need. But what if you could pair all of that down to just a few essentials that were proven to be effective?

Many of us would gasp at the thought of clearing out our medicine cabinets and beauty boxes to limit the number of products in our routine. But that’s exactly what the skinimalism, one of the latest skin care trends in beauty and personal care, asks us to do.

Skinimalism: Your Guide to Simple Skincare Routines

What exactly is skinimalism?

Like the name implies, skinimalism is a minimalistic approach to skincare. In a nutshell, it’s skin minimalism. That means cutting back on the number of different products you’re using as part of your daily routine. It also means cleaning out the hoard of products, from cleansers to concealers, that you don’t really use but hang on to “just in case”.

Skinimalism challenges us to be comfortable in our own skin and embrace our natural beauty by choosing just a few select products that we know are effective and leaving the rest to nature. And while the idea of parting with a bevy of cleansers and conditioners might seem daunting, dermatologists have been advocating for a more minimalist skin care for quite some time.

Benefits of Less Is More Skincare

benefits-of-skinimalism-skincare-mdglamBut don’t all of those products have a purpose? Won’t you miss out on the benefits that they tout if you throw them away or simplify to a minimalist skin care routine? 

Not necessarily…

Limiting Products

We mean well enough when we purchase three different cleansers promising to rid us of everything from blackheads to dark spots. But the reality is that over processing our skincare routine with too 

many products can actually leave us with more problems than we bargained for. For example, over cleansing or using the wrong combination of cleansers can actually leave skin more taut, tired, and dry looking than it was before. It makes much more sense to opt for a minimal skin care routine and choose a single cleanser that gives proven results. 

Finding the Right Products

Again, we think that applying six different creams throughout the day is bound to help with at least some of the issues we are experiencing in our skincare routine. But the reality is that, while we have good intentions, we’re likely using the wrong products in the wrong combination. This also means wasted money and time. 

vitamin-c-skinimalism-benefits-mdglamInstead, embracing the minimalism trend is about finding the one moisturizer that works best for your skin type and committing to using it on a regular basis, which also allows it to do its job the right way. For example, you can look for products that combine glycolic acid and Vitamin C to not only reduce the number of items in your minimalist skin care routine but also benefit from their powerhouse blend.

Improving skin quality

Your skin is not designed to be subjected to a harsh variety of cleansers, creams, and exfoliants on a rotating basis. It needs simple products and a routine that will allow it to acclimate to the treatment you are giving it. Switching to skincare minimalism can help your skin recover and rejuvenate itself, undoing the damage that too many products can do to aspects such as oil secretion and dryness. In the end, you’ll have improved the overall quality of not just your routine but your actual skin.

Supporting Sustainability

More than ever before, consumers and brands are coming together to identify more sustainable options for skincare. Corporations are doubling down on using more eco-friendly packaging and more responsibly sourced ingredients. All of this is great news for the environment and for skincare connoisseurs alike. 

Another way to promote sustainability is to reduce your own purchasing habits. Selecting products that double up on benefits can help you purchase less overall, a minimalism trend that can help the environment and your bank account. 

How to Create a Simple Skincare Routine

simple-skincare-routine-skinimalism-mdglamSold on the idea of less is more skin care? The great news is that by its very nature, skinimalism is easy to adopt as a strategy. There are a few core elements that every minimalist skin care routine should include, and we’re breaking them down here so you can clear out your cabinets and get back to basics. 

#1: Choose a Single Cleanser

Cleansers are one of the biggest skincare categories, but that doesn’t mean you need to sample them all. Choose a single cleanser that will effectively remove dirt and excess oil without over drying the skin. 

One key thing to remember about skinimalism is that it can help to look for products that do double duty, so you cover your bases while relying on a single product. The best cleansers also replenish the skin with vitamins and minerals that increase collagen production and balance the skin’s natural tone.

Go minimal with MD Glam: Our Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser is balanced for all skin types, cleaning deep while also rehydrating and supplying vital nutrients to help combat signs of aging.

#2: Find the Right Exfoliant

Switching scrubs or using them in combination is a recipe for over dry, damaged skin. Instead, find one exfoliant that gently removes dirt, oil, makeup, and other pore-clogging elements without being too abrasive. Exfoliants should be natural and should not hurt when you rub them across the face or neck. 

Again, exfoliants can do more than just clean the skin, and a good minimalist beauty routine will incorporate a product that replenishes hydration as it removes debris. The last thing you should do is cut exfoliating out of your routine. Skin minimalism is about pairing down to the essentials, and exfoliating is a critical step that should be incorporated into even the most simple skincare.

Go minimal with MD Glam: We specifically formulated our Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub to do more than just cleanse. You’ll also benefit from a pore-perfecting blend of extracts that are designed to brighten, decongest, protect, heal, and moisturize all in one product.

#3: Moisturize with Purpose

This is one of the areas most open to the minimalist skin care trend. How many creams, moisturizers, and serums do you have lying around taking up space? Instead of trying to find a different lotion for every purpose, choose one that intentionally achieves the main purpose you are looking for and then use it with regularity.

For example, if anti-aging is your priority, look for a single product that can promote the production of collagen while also replenishing the vitamins and minerals that encourage healthier, younger looking skin. When it comes to a minimal skin care routine, 

Go minimal with MD Glam: The Timeless Hydration Set is designed to lock in moisture with all of the essential vitamins you’ll need for your skincare minimalism. With hydration for both day and night, you’ll be able to brighten, tighten, hydrate, and lock in all the nutrients you need with just one set. timeless-hydrating-skinimalism-set

#4: Protect Against Sun Damage

Sunscreen might seem like an extra (and unnecessary) step to some, but this preventive product can actually reduce the number of serums and creams you need to bolster your minimalist beauty routine. Preventing sun damage to the skin is key to limiting wrinkles, dark spots, redness, rough patches, and even loose skin. 

Without skinimalism, each of these would seemingly require its own solution, racking up costs and products. Instead, invest in a hydrating and nutrient rich sunscreen that has a minimum SPF of 50 to create your own less is more skincare routine.

Go minimal with MD Glam: We know not everyone uses a sunscreen. That’s why we created our Sunshout Sunscreen SPF 50 so that everyone can find one that they can love. Our formula goes on light and is non-greasy, so you can wear it under makeup while still protecting against harmful UVA/UVB rays.

Consistency is Key for Skinimalism

One thing that many consumers overlook when trying to find the best products for their minimal skin care routine is consistency. If you don’t stick to a true routine, you may find that your results are less than stellar. And instead of blaming a shortage of products or the ingredient they contain, you might want to look to yourself to see if you are using them with regularity. If you aren’t, chances are that you aren’t giving them the time to let their results shine through. Making sure to use the same products, in the same way, over time can help you achieve far greater results than piling on different solutions in a mad scramble to find a fix. 

Let MD Glam Help You Achieve Skinimalism

Skinimalism is all about keeping it simple. Identify your skin’s biggest needs, such as cleansing and hydration, and then find cornerstone products that solve those problems without overcomplicating matters.

That’s why Dr. Cat and her team have put together the Full MD Glam Collection. With just six essential products, you can benefit from an entire system of skincare solutions that are spot on with the minimalism trend. Everything you need, from sun protection to moisturizers, is included so that you can simplify your approach while achieving proven results.


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