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Postpartum Skincare: Tips & Products for New Moms


Post-Pregnancy Skincare: Tips and Products for Maintaining Healthy and Youthful Skin

A little bundle of joy? Adorable baby clothes? Never-ending snuggles? Yes, please! But acne, hyperpigmentation, and stretch marks in places we never knew were even stretching? That wasn’t part of the plan. 

We so didn't sign up for these post-pregnancy skin concerns — did we, mamas? 

It's no secret that pregnancy drastically changes our bodies. From the beautiful glow to the growing belly, our skin undergoes its own transformation. Just as you adapt your lifestyle to meet the needs of your new baby, it's important to pivot your post-pregnancy skincare routine to give your skin the TLC it needs.

Today, we’re highlighting the best products to nurture and care for your skin during this extraordinary phase. Get ready to radiate confidence and the natural beauty that comes with being a mom.

How Pregnancy Impacts Skin

Just a few months ago, it felt like your skin was flawless, so why the sudden post-pregnancy skin concerns? 

It’s all thanks to those lovely, fluctuating hormones that come with carrying a child. 

postpartum-skincare-products-for-momsAfter your baby's debut, your body goes through a huge hormonal shift, primarily a decline in estrogen and progesterone. 

When estrogen levels drop postpartum, it can trigger dryness, dullness, or a loss of skin elasticity. Other increased hormones, like androgens, can also trigger acne breakouts and inflammation. 

And that “pregnancy glow” you exuded trimester after trimester? That was due to increased blood flow making your complexion look fresh and rosy all gestation long. 

These fluctuations, coupled with sleep deprivation, stress, and other lifestyle changes, collectively affect the health and appearance of your complexion. 

Pivoting your post-pregnancy skincare routine will help you address the evolving needs of your skin and feel as gorgeous as you deserve.

Postpartum Skincare

It seems impossible to look and feel rejuvenated when you’re running on three hours of sleep and covered in baby spit-up, but we promise the right skincare will have you radiating that "new mom glow" even on days when you're knee-deep in diaper changes.

Postpartum skincare is all about adapting to your body's changes. Whether it's combating oiliness, discoloration, or laxity, making intentional changes to your routine will help you achieve a healthy, radiant complexion — no matter how messy motherhood gets.

That said, every mom’s skin is unique. So, here’s our lineup of the best skincare products for post-pregnancy tailored to your specific concerns:

Acne and Skin Texture

postpartum-skincare-products-mdglamWhen hormone production slows after childbirth, it kicks your skin’s sebum (or oil) production into overdrive, clogging pores and triggering inflammation. The result? Textured skin and acne breakouts. 

Plus, the stress of having a new baby in the house, while wonderful and exciting, doesn’t do our breakouts any favors either. 

All that stress, sweat, and oil builds up on the skin, leaving the door open for blemishes to surface.

So how do you smooth out the bumps and get back to feeling like you? You incorporate acne-fighting products into your postpartum skincare.

How to reduce post-pregnancy acne: Our Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub buffs away acne-causing grime trapped in your pores and cleanses your skin so it feels as silky-soft as your baby’s bottom. 

The best part? Unlike other exfoliants that over-strip the skin, our Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub leaves your natural oils intact. Hello, silky-smooth complexion!


That same excess oil that clogs your pores can make your skin feel as oily as that diaper ointment you dread getting on your hands. Eek.

Like so many bodily changes during this time, postpartum oiliness stems from the hormone fluctuations of your body adjusting to not being pregnant. 

And let’s be honest — when you’re dealing with the whirlwind of a new baby, you don’t have time to blot your face or powder your nose every thirty minutes. 

Instead, you need a post-pregnancy skincare routine that mattifies for you.

deep-pore-foaming-cleanser-mdglamHow to reduce post-pregnancy oiliness: Replace your face wash with our Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser, a gentle cleanser that purifies pores and balances the skin — banishing all that grime without stripping an ounce of vital moisture. 

Natural ingredients for post-pregnancy skincare like chamomile and cucumber help cool and soothe so your skin feels as soft and supple as it does clean and oil-free. 


Since estrogen drops after birth, it halts your body’s production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin — all elements that boost skin health and appearance. It also contributes to transepidermal water loss, leading to dehydration and dry, flaky skin.

Besides staying hydrated, you need a deep-penetrating moisturizer to quench your skin’s thirst on a molecular level. 

Let’s meet your new postpartum skincare go-to for healthy hydration.

How to reduce post-pregnancy dryness: While most hyaluronic creams merely rest on the skin’s surface, our Hyaluronic Acid Night C-Complex deeply penetrates your skin to hydrate and heal from inside. 

Vitamins A, B, C, and E also help promote complexion-plumping collagen to ramp up your glow factor. Cue the pre-baby radiance!


We see stretch marks as the proud marks of the miracle created within you. That said, we know not everyone embraces their appearance with that same appreciation.

One of the biggest post-pregnancy skincare concerns is stretch marks, which appear due to the rapid stretching of your body adapting to carrying a growing baby.

Increased hormones, like estrogen and relaxin, also affect skin's elasticity and make it more prone to stretching. Then there are genetic factors, weight gain, and the amount of collagen and elastin in your skin, which also play a role in stretch mark formation. 

While it's not possible to eliminate stretch marks with skincare alone, you can incorporate products to minimize their appearance.

sunshout-sunscreen-spf-50How to prevent stretch marks after pregnancy: Sunscreen is a must for skin health, but it’s essential for keeping stretch marks from darkening and becoming more noticeable. 

The Sunshout Sunscreen SPF 50 hydrates and shields your skin from UV rays, preventing further damage and discoloration that makes stretch marks more pronounced.

Dark Circles and Discoloration

Hormonal changes and increased sun sensitivity during pregnancy can trigger an overproduction of melanin. The outcome? Dark spots or uneven skin tone.

Midnight feedings and early-morning diaper changes can also leave their mark, quite literally, with the appearance of dark circles.

With afternoon siestas and eight hours of uninterrupted sleep off the table, you need postpartum skincare products that fool the world into thinking you're well-rested. 

How to treat discoloration and dark circles after pregnancy: Our lightweight DMAE Antioxidant Day Moisturizer packs a powerful punch of powerful antioxidants, nourishing botanicals, anti-aging retinol, moisturizing DMAE, and apple fruit stem cells (known for their exceptional regenerative properties).

If you want a delicious cocktail of skincare goodness that leaves your skin feeling hydrated, rejuvenated, and radiant — this is your new secret weapon for tired skin.

Reclaim Your Glow with MD GLAM

Amidst the endless love and selflessness you pour into your little one, it’s all too easy to put your own needs on hold. 

At MD GLAM, we’re committed to helping you reclaim your glow and face each day confidently, no matter what challenges motherhood throws your way.

Still breastfeeding? Your peace of mind and your baby's safety are paramount to us. That’s why we’ve carefully formulated our products with your well-being in mind. 

All our skincare is generally safe while breastfeeding, but we always suggest confirming with your OB/GYN.

Alright, mamas… ready for a post-pregnancy skincare routine that feels like a well-deserved time-out? Shop our collection of luxurious, medical-grade skincare today.

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