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How To Get Rid Of Lip Lines and Lip Wrinkles Quickly


Lipstick lines are a natural sign of aging. They occur gradually over time due to speaking and daily mouth movements such as eating, laughing, and smiling. However, just because lip lines and lip wrinkles are normal, it is very common for people to seek out different ways to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles around their lips. 

No matter your motivation, we’re here to help you look and feel better about your appearance. We compiled a professional guide to educate you on how to get rid of lines around your mouth safely. 

Below, we’re digging into the best ways to minimize the appearance of lip creases, as well as some of the best products to avoid lip wrinkles in the future.

Best Treatments for Lip Lines: Your Comprehensive Guide

Wondering how to get rid of lines around the mouth? We’ve got you covered. Read on for our top recommendations and treatments for wrinkles around the lips.

1. Be Sun-Savvy 

The lips, scalp, and back of your ears are some of the most SPF-neglected areas of skin we find when evaluating patients. This can lead to premature aging and the formation of creases and fine lines - which can alter your skin’s texture. It can also lead to sun spots, sun damage, and precancerous growth if left untreated. 

Our suggestion? Invest in a high-quality SPF lip treatment or stick to put on before you leave for work in the morning. Simply toss it in your bag and reapply as needed for the best results and peace of mind. We know it’s an extra step, but it’s a great method to get rid of lines around the mouth.  

2. Invest in Quality Skin Care

anti-aging-skincare-lip-wrinklesWhen you’re working to build a plan to protect the appearance and texture of your skin, it’s important to see it as a complete, co-working system. It’s more effective to invest in several different quality skin products that address your entire skin’s surface rather than a single one – neglecting several other key areas where environmental damage may develop. 

You’ll want to evaluate your total skincare system and identify possible gaps, such as a lack of SPF coverage or the use of drying silicones or parabens. Then, you can begin to choose higher quality products that work to minimize lines and wrinkles over your skin’s surface. Looking for recommendations? Here’s our list of recommendations to look for to help you walk away with the best products possible for your skin’s unique needs. 

3. Consider Retinol  

Retinol serums offer significant benefits to your skin, better known as the “three P’s.” We’ve summarized them below: 

  • Pore minimization: Retinols actively minimize and unclog your pores, contributing to your skin’s overall texture. 
  • Plumping: Using retinol promotes collagen production, which can give your skin an overall smoother, supple appearance. 
  • Proliferation: This is another term for cell regeneration and turnover, which retinol encourages. Proliferation gives you that youthful, enviable glow with consistent use.

Despite these benefits, retinol can be drying or irritating to especially sensitive skin types – even though it’s a respected lip wrinkle treatment. If you’re dealing with sensitive skin, we recommend getting guidance from your dermatologist about options and alternatives that will minimize the risk of irritation. 

If you choose to use retinol to minimize your lipstick lines, you’re in good company. It’s a great go-to option for many, as your lips will also be perfectly plump and soft as a result! However, a word of warning: avoid buying the cheapest options and slapping them on. It’s best to use a specific lip-friendly retinol serum or treatment. This is because your lip skin is particularly sensitive, and full-strength, nonspecific retinol creams may be too drying or aggressive – resulting in more lip creases. 

4. Experiment with Lip Plumpers 

Lip plumpers are regaining popularity as a lip wrinkle treatment, and they’re especially making a resurgence thanks to popularity bumps from the Kardashians, Chloe Cherry, and other stars to hit the big screen. Whether you’re looking for a lip-plumping makeover, or simply want to 

minimize lines with a fractional amount of filler or product, there are plenty of lip fillers on the market to choose from. 

There are two main categories of plumpers for lip wrinkle release: Injections and topical products.

Topical products often come in formulations that promote hydration and the “plump” feeling and appearance. However, we do want to note that these products, unless expertly formulated are highly concentrated and generally produce transient results. 

Injectables get a bad rap on social media, especially as lip wrinkle treatments, however, it’s a fantastic tool for those looking for a low-risk confidence boost that lasts. If you’re looking for some long-term support for your lip wrinkles and lipstick lines, they’re one of the safest and most effective procedures that you can invest in. Lip plumpers can take action and enhance your lip’s overall structure, texture, appearance, and even color. Common injectable lip plumpers, such as Juvéderm, 

No two plumpers are alike, though. Your dermatologist can give you the best recommendations to help you meet your skincare goals. 

Plumpers are generally categorized by two designations: 

  • Natural: These are generally made with natural ingredients (i.e. peppermint or cinnamon oil) to promote a “swollen,” robust effect. However, these may be significantly less effective than their synthetic counterparts. 
  • Synthetic: Lip plumpers in this category are man-made, and may be chemical-based or blended with other natural ingredients. We recommend getting derm recommendations before trying these, as they can irritate more sensitive skin types. 

Synthetic plumpers are found in both injectable and topical delivery types, giving you a more diverse range of products to choose from. More options are always better, especially when it comes to your personal look! 

5. Reach for Your Exfoliant 

exfoliate-lip-lines-removalExfoliation is key to minimizing the appearance of lines and promoting your general lip health. This is especially true if you’re dealing with lines caused by dehydration or chap buildup on your lips! You can choose to invest in a moisturizing exfoliant, or even make your own in a pinch with sugar and olive oil. Remember to rinse well after using, and apply a lip moisturizer or conditioner of your choice to help lock that moisture in after your scrub session. Talk about a delicious-tasting weekend lip wrinkle treatment!

Ask a Pro: Everything You Need to Know About Lipstick Lines

So now you know five key ways that you can minimize fine lines and lip wrinkles…but we aren’t going to stop there! Read on for more FAQs about oral lines, and (more!) ways you can tame your creases and build your confidence – letting your true beauty shine through! 

1. Why Do My Lips Have Creases

Your lips have creases from regular use. You can get lip creases from any repeated action, from chatting it up over breakfast mimosas to applying lipstick, to drinking your morning latte. They’re perfectly normal and are a sign of aging gracefully. However, you may want to minimize their appearance of them, or you might be considering them a sign of premature aging. In either case, we want to assure you of two things: 

  1. You’re gorgeous no matter what. 
  2. They can be minimized, should you want them to be. 

2. Can Lip Lines Be Fixed? 

Yes, they can be minimized with the application of plumping products, exfoliants, and retinol – all of which support the natural turnover of your lip skin cells, a plump, youthful appearance, and deep hydration. 

3. What Is Skin Resurfacing – and Does It Work On Wrinkles? 

Laser treatment, known as skin resurfacing, has a similar exfoliant effect as your traditional masks and sugar scrubs – just on a much deeper level. While it is expensive, it does offer the additional benefit of enhanced collagen production and skin texture. 

4. Do Facial Massages Work on Lip Wrinkles? 

Facial massages do help minimize fine line appearance over time. This benefit is achieved through increased blood flow to the local tissues, giving your skin a more plump appearance and keeping it taut. This helps to reduce the amount of downward pressure on the skin that can come from poor lymphatic drainage, and repeated motion in the oral area. 

We do want to note something important here, though! While this is effective (and not completely FREE, it may not be as effective as chemical or commercial plumping treatments. However, implementing massage into your daily skin routine is a great way to promote healthy, youthful, and glowing skin over time). 

5. How Do I Hide Lip Lines? 

Considering lip line minimization but aren’t sure you’ll love your look? Try it with a temporary look first, such as strategically applied primer and concealer. Start by squeezing a single dot on your finger, and gently patting into the creased area. You can build up the product and set it with powder to get a look at what plumping or treatments could do for your overall look. 

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