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An Intimate Q&A with Dr. Cat: The Inspiring Woman Behind MD Glam


Today, we’re pulling back the curtain on the inspiring narrative of our very own visionary, Dr. Cat Begovic. More than just a globally esteemed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and a distinguished alumna of Harvard and UCLA, Dr. Cat is a dedicated mother, loving wife, and the dynamic driving force behind the luxurious MD Glam skincare line. Join us as we journey through her life, empowering beliefs on self-love, individuality, balance, and her unwavering dedication to making a difference in women’s lives.

Embracing Individuality: Dr. Cat’s Powerful Message 

Q1: Your social media posts often underscore the importance of breaking societal norms and defying stereotypes. Can you elaborate on how your journey of embracing your individuality, especially your femininity, impacted your academic pursuits and shaped your career as a plastic surgeon?

Dr. Cat: "There's often a societal pressure to suppress or resist our true selves, particularly our femininity, to be taken seriously or seen as equals. For me, however, my femininity is an authentic expression of who I am, and I've found empowerment in challenging the stereotypes I faced, especially in this competitive and male-dominated field of plastic surgery.

Social media has provided a valuable platform for spreading this message, reinforcing that anyone can be a doctor, regardless of gender, race, or how they choose to express themselves.

My goal is to inspire those who wish to follow their passions to do so boldly, without fear of judgment or discouragement, and to challenge societal stereotypes that might hold them back."

beverly-hills-dr-cat-begovicExpressing Individuality Through Plastic Surgery

Q2: How does your belief in individuality shape your approach to your work in plastic surgery?

Dr. Cat: "My work is deeply rooted in the belief that everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin. To me, plastic surgery isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about helping individuals express themselves more confidently. I’ve learned firsthand how precious individuality is and this experience directly influences my philosophy when treating and caring for my patients."

Q3: Can you share how your personal journey and surgical experience inspired the creation of MD Glam? 

Dr. Cat: "Inspired by my scientific studies at UCLA and my personal journey towards self-acceptance, I noticed a gap in the skincare market. There was a need for accessible, science-backed skincare that empowers women to feel confident in their own skin. So, I ventured into the world of anti-aging skin products and created MD Glam. This line is the convergence of my work as a plastic surgeon and my dedication to helping individuals express their individuality and enhance their self-confidence."

balancing-life-with-love-and-passion-dr-catBalancing Life with Love and Passion 

Q4: Balance in life is a topic you often discuss. Could you share your unique perspective on this? 

Dr. Cat: "Balance for me signifies an internal harmony between our expectations and and abilities. It’s about finding satisfaction and fulfillment in our actions rather than checking off items on an external checklist of success. I’ve learned to focus on doing everything with genuine love and ensure it’s not any external influences, especially expectations created by myself or others, controlling me. I believe it’s the only path to true peace and happiness."

Self-Care and Self-Compassion: Keys to Personal Happiness

Q5: How do you integrate the principles of self-care and self-compassion, which are crucial parts of the MD Glam philosophy, into your life? 

Dr. Cat: "For me, self-care is a continual conversation with myself. It means truly nurturing my body, taking care of my mental and spiritual health, and practicing self-compassion. Sometimes, even putting on a dress and high-heel, and soaking up the sun for 10 minutes after a long workday becomes a part of self-care."

mastering-multiple-roles-dr-cat-begovicMastering Multiple Roles with Grace and Strength

Q6: As a mother, wife, surgeon and founder of MD Glam, you juggle multiple roles daily. How do you manage these roles with such fitness and poise? 

Dr. Cat: "Balancing these roles is a journey of continuous learning. I strive to be present in each role and give it my all, while reminding myself that perfection is not the goal. Self-compassion guides me on this journey."

Empowering Women: Encouraging Individuality

Q7: As a role model to many, what advice would you offer to women striving to express their individuality?

Dr. Cat: "Embrace your individuality—it’s your greatest asset and strength. Don’t let external pressures distort who you truly are. Your creativity, critical thinking, brilliance, and individual expression will not hold you back. They will open doors you never knew existed."

dr-cat-begovic-empowering-womenBehind the Scenes at MD Glam: The Joy of Empowering Others

Q8: As the driving force behind MD Glam, what brings you the most joy and satisfaction?

Dr. Cat: "Hearing the transformational stories of individuals who have regained their confidence and feel comfortable in their skin through MD Glam is the most rewarding part. It’s fulfilling to know that our scientific-backed products are fostering self-love and acceptance."

Our Take Away

Wrapping up this enlightened conversation, it’s evident that Dr. Cat is a beacon of inspiration for women everywhere. She encourages individuality and breaking down barriers, advocating for self-love as the cornerstone of beauty allowing women to live their best lives. Through her Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice and her MD Glam skincare line, she aims to help women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. In her words, “Take care of yourself. Let your love and passion carry forward every step of your journey.” 

Felt empowered by this intimate Q&A with Dr. Cat? Share it with someone who may also find it inspiring, and stay tuned for more insights from the world of MD Glam and Beverly Hills female phenomenon plastic surgeon, Dr. Cat. 

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