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How to Tighten Skin on Your Face


As the aging process happens over the years, the skin starts to lose elasticity which causes it to loosen and sag. When this sagging occurs, you will notice it in the form of wrinkles and fine lines that start to develop on the face. 

Even though aging is inevitable, there are things you can do to prevent and treat the formation of wrinkles. First, you need to understand the cause of loose skin. Then you can learn how to tighten skin on the face naturally.

There are various skin tightening techniques, including both natural methods and surgical interventions. The best thing you can do is learn about all of these options to choose the ideal solutions for your unique needs and preferences.

Why Loose Skin Happens

What causes you to see a sagging skin face? With age, collagen production is reduced, affecting the elastin in the dermal structure of the skin. You need these two proteins (collagen and elastin) to maintain firmness and elasticity because they affect how the skin returns to its shape after normal movements throughout the day. Additionally, collagen helps to keep the skin firmness, structure, and fullness.

Another reason signs of aging start to show on the skin is the different elements we are exposed to daily. Common causes of loose skin include:

  • Sun Damage: When you step into the sun, your skin is exposed to harsh UV rays that cause the collagen to break down. As a result, your skin can’t heal as quickly due to UV damage. When you are spending time in the sun, always apply SPF, wear a hat, and try to stay in the shade as much as possible.
  • Environmental Pollutants: Various elements in the environment can take a toll on the skin, including pollution in the air. The more your skin is exposed to these pollutants, the more it can be damaged over time.
  • Facial Movements: Normal movements such as frowning, smiling, laughing, yawning, or any of the other facial expressions that occur throughout the day can affect the way the skin looks. Over time, these repetitive movements cause the skin to loosen and form wrinkles. 
  • Nutritional Concerns: Consuming alcohol or eating a poor diet lacks the critical proteins and antioxidants that your skin needs to heal and regenerate.
  • Smoking: The use of cigarettes can negatively impact the entire body, especially the facial skin. There are thousands of chemicals in cigarettes, which can leave your skin discolored and dry because of the constricted blood flow that occurs. In addition, smoking deprives your body of oxygen, which takes a toll on cell rejuvenation, healing, and more.
  • Sleep Position: If you are often sleeping on your side or stomach, it can contribute to the formation of wrinkles because of how your skin is lying throughout the night. These positions put pressure on your face against the pillow, which can cause the skin to wrinkle and fold. This position, night after night for decades, can cause wrinkles and lines to become permanent. Ideally, you should sleep on your back or use overnight skincare solutions.

The more you are exposed to these things, the faster the aging process occurs. 

Facial Areas Affected Most by Loose Skin

facial-areas-loose-skinDifferent parts of the face will be affected by sagging skin over time. Each person experiences aging differently, so your wrinkles and fine lines might differ from your friends and family. Here are some of the ways that sagging skin affects various areas of the face:

  • Eyes: One of the first places you will notice the signs of aging is around the eyes. This skin is delicate and thin, making it vulnerable to the formation of fine lines. Plus, squinting and smiling causes repeated creases, resulting in the crow’s feet (lines coming out from the sides of the eyes).
  • Forehead: Deep wrinkles often start to form on the forehead. Not only will you see the wrinkles when your eyebrows are lifted, but the lines can stick around even when your face is relaxed.
  • Neck: You might be proactive about skincare for your face, but the neck is often neglected. When the neck skin starts to sag, it can take a toll on your overall appearance. 
  • Chest: Sun exposure on the chest area often occurs because of the neckline of your shirts. Wrinkles and sunspots start to develop over time, causing the skin to look older. Instead of wearing high-cut necklines to hide these signs of aging, consider options to rejuvenate the skin on your chest.

Treatment Options: How to Tighten Loose Skins

When you start noticing the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, you are probably searching for the answer: how to tighten skin on the face. There are various options to prevent and reduce this process, depending on the severity of your aging and your personal preferences.

Surgical Treatments for Tightening the Skin

Sometimes, surgical treatments are the most effective solution to tighten the loose skin. Surgery is recommended for people with significant excess skin or prominent sagging, affecting their overall appearance. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, this process starts with a consultation where you can discuss your preferences and goals with a surgeon. Your provider will help you decide if the treatment is safe and appropriate for your needs.

  • Facelift: This surgery involves tightening the tissues beneath the skin while also redistributing fat to contour the face. The skin is lifted, with careful repositioning over the new facial structure. Also, excess skin is removed. This treatment can require several weeks of recovery time.
  • Other Facial Surgeries: If a complete facelift isn’t the right solution for your preferences, consider a smaller surgical treatment. Options include a mini facelift, mid-facelift, cheek lift, jawline rejuvenation, brow lift, and more.

Non-Surgical Options to Tighten the Skin

If you don’t want to go under the knife, you might consider other non-surgical treatments. These services are less invasive and help to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Non-surgical face tightening treatments aren’t as effective as a facelift. But they can be helpful for people who have mild or moderate signs of aging.

botox-bevery-hillsVarious types of non-surgical treatments that help to tighten the skin include:

  • Botox: Botox can be injected into the skin, helping to smooth wrinkles and lines on the face. The provider will inject small amounts of solution into targeted areas of the face. Then, the injections cause the muscles to relax, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Most patients see results for 3 – 4 months before injections are needed again.
  • Fillers: Dermal fillers are another injection type that can help boost volume and contour the face. Fillers last longer than Botox, usually resulting in 1 – 2 years of results before the next treatment is needed.
  • Chemical Peels: A chemical mask is used to remove the top layers of skin, revealing younger and more healthy-looking skin. Ask your aesthetician “what tightens the skin,” and chemical peels are usually one of the common recommendations. You will need a few days to a few weeks for the healing time, but the results are worth it because chemical peels can help to reduce the signs of aging.
  • Micro-needling: Collagen can be stimulated by inserting fine needles into the face, creating hundreds of micro-injuries in the top layer of the skin. This treatment stimulates the natural healing processes within the skin, which boosts collagen production and improves elasticity. Some treatments also use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to amplify the results of micro-needling even more.
  • Laser Resurfacing: Technology has made it possible to resurface the skin using lasers. This rejuvenation process removes the top layer of skin and heats the lower layers to promote collagen production. As the skin heals after laser treatment, you will notice that you have tighter, smoother skin. Recovery time varies depending on the strength of the laser and the type of treatment you choose.

How to Tighten Skin on Face Naturally

In addition to the many cosmetic treatments available, there are also at-home options that can help tighten the skin. These remedies are the least invasive but still help to stimulate the natural healing processes. 

Keep in mind that the results might be slower compared to more invasive treatment. But pairing natural treatments with other cosmetic services can be the most effective solution for the long-term results you desire. Natural treatments help to address the signs of aging, and they can also be beneficial for preventing the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

Here are a few options to consider if you want to know what tightens the skin:

  • Facial Massage: Manual manipulation of the facial skin can promote biological responses in all the layers of skin. This movement helps to boost blood circulation and generate local body heat, having a positive impact on helping the skin look smoother and fuller. Additionally, facial massage might have a positive impact on boosting the natural production of collagen and elastin, which help tighten the skin.
  • Facial Exercises: In the same way that facial massage can help with anti-aging, exercises are another option to add to your routine. The goal is to strengthen the facial muscles, which helps to shape and sculpt your face. As a result, stronger muscles might have a positive impact on reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. With both facial massage and facial exercises, the key is to maintain a consistent schedule if you want to see results. Pair facial exercises with your skincare routine each evening to ensure they are always a priority. 
  • Masks: Many different types of masks can tighten the skin. Look for active ingredients that have anti-aging properties. Antioxidants can be powerful in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, including ferulic acid, resveratrol, vitamin E, and vitamin C.
  • Retinoids: This ingredient is one of the most common at-home wrinkle treatments. Retinol has been studied, and many experts agree that it is one of the most validated anti-aging treatments available. However, be careful in the beginning because retinol can irritate sensitive skin. So, start slowly and work with your cosmetic provider to determine the ideal usage of these skincare products.
  • Skincare Products: The creams and products you are putting on your face every day are either helping or hurting your anti-aging efforts. If you want to maintain a youthful appearance, invest in quality skincare products that help slow the signs of aging. MD Glam is a great option to consider, especially since a board-certified surgeon formulated this line of products.
  • Silicone Patches: It might seem like a gimmick, but many people have noticed results using facial patches. These products are no-mess, chemical-free, and pain-free. The pads on your face hold the skin in the desired position, which trains the skin and muscles over time. The results are plumping up the skin and flattening out wrinkles. For the best results, the patches need to be worn for hours at a time. Many people use these patches at night while they are sleeping.
  • Better Sleep: The amount and quality of sleep you get each night have an undeniable impact on the appearance of your skin. Not only will you feel refreshed in the morning, but good sleep also allows time for the body to produce more human growth hormone (HGH). Aim to get at least 7 – 9 hours of sleep each night.

Anti-Aging Skincare Products You Can Trust

anti-aging-skincare-mdglamAs you design your personalized skincare routine, make sure to have quality products you can use at home. Cleanser, moisturizer, serums, and SPF are all essential elements for your anti-aging skincare. And consistent care is vital.

MD Glam is a popular product line because it is formulated by Dr. Cat. As a board-certified surgeon, Dr. Cat wanted to support patients in ongoing anti-aging solutions they could use to tighten the skin and slow down the signs of aging. You deserve to reach your highest skin potential! Try these medical-grade products to see the results for yourself.

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