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5 Signs Your Skin is Aging Faster Than Normal


Take charge of your skin’s appearance and overcome the signs of aging faster than normal with MD GLAM's hot tips and tricks.

While aging is inevitable, it’s possible to do so with both grace and beauty. At MD Glam, we embrace our bodies and ourselves in the best light possible. After all, each of us is unique and special in our own way. But sometimes, the signs of aging tend to call attention to themselves much sooner than expected, and that happens most often with our skin. 

The great news is that premature aging can be halted and prevented from wreaking any further havoc on our skin or faces once we understand the causes and what to look for. So brace yourselves, we're about to help you get your glow back with our exclusive hot tips and tricks to turn back the clock - beautifully! So let's dive in by sharing what some of the top causes of premature aging in skincare is.

Top Causes of Premature Aging in Skincare

To help you understand where and how your skin care troubles come from, we’re starting with a closer look at the top causes of the signs of premature aging. This knowledge alone can be empowering in your quest to reduce their effects moving forward.

As MD Glam’s very own Dr. Cat has explained, some signs of aging are caused by genetic predisposition. But, more impactfully, the second largest cause of skin changes that portray aging is the sun. This bright and shiny culprit can impact everything from wrinkles to spots and dryness. Exposure to all the wrong types of light, including UVA and UVB rays, causes something called photo-aging, which the Cleveland Clinic explains is responsible for 90% of visible changes to your skin. Ninety percent! If that’s not a vote for wearing daily sunscreen, what is?

Your overall well-being is also a key factor in how your skin appears. When you’re dehydrated, overtired, or hyper-stressed, your body is going to react accordingly. And your skin will be one of the first tell-tale places where these triggers become evident. So remember that it is just as important to take care of your general wellness including a healthy diet, exercise, and rest to promote proper skincare and prevent signs of aging. 

5 Signs Your Skin is Aging Prematurely

We’re all going to start showing signs of age eventually. It’s just part of the natural process. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept them for what they are, especially when they appear early on. 

Most premature aging can be stopped in its tracks once you know what to look for. Armed with an understanding of the top causes, let’s take a look at five signs of prematurely aged skin so you can begin to target problem areas effectively. 

#1. Spots and pigmentation

Known as sun spots, these flat darker areas of skin are caused by frequent, and often unprotected, exposure to the sun. While it's normal for these to appear later in life, they can be a sign your skin is prematurely aging if you notice them in your 20s or 30s especially. They’re the result of higher concentrations of melanin in the skin, which is generated when you’re subjected to UV rays.

One of the first steps you can take to reduce the impact of this pigmentation is to use a daily sunscreen. This will help to stop additional damage from occurring while you work to combat the effects. MD Glam’s Sunshout Sunscreen is a broad-spectrum SPF 50 solution that will help protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays moving forward. Plus, it's lightweight and non-greasy so you can wear it without discomfort. 

Another approach is to find a serum that contains retinol, which is known for helping to reduce the appearance of sunspots. Retinol can help even out pigmentation and reduce many signs of sun damage. 

Another approach is to find a serum that contains retinol, which is known for helping to reduce the appearance of sunspots. Retinol can help even out pigmentation and reduce many signs of sun damage. 

#2. Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Not to sound like a broken record, but the sun’s damaging effects go beyond sunburns and sunspots. Ultraviolet rays can also break down the collagen and elastin in your skin, making it less firm and leading to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While these can start around the eyes and mouth, they can spread to other areas of the face and décolletage.

To combat these lines, you’ll want to replenish your skin’s natural collagen with a serum that packs a real punch. MD Glam’s Retinol-C Intense Eye Serum is designed to boost and plump the delicate skin around the eye, helping to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles as well as puffiness.

#3. Dryness

Another key sign of premature aging is dry skin, or skin that does not regulate its moisture properly on its own. While this can be caused by sun exposure, it can also be a byproduct of dehydration. The best way to combat this is twofold: from the inside from the outside. 

Be sure to drink plenty of water and hydrating liquids to help replenish and enliven dried and dehydrated skin from the inside. Then, couple this with an effective vitamin-rich that will help lock in hydration on the skin’s surface.

#4. Dark Circles

The skin around our eyes is susceptible to more than just fine lines. Puffy eyelids and darkness underneath the eyes can make you look a whole lot older than you are. often caused by fluid retention, where your skin is hanging on to more liquid than it should. The culprit, in this case, can be, m eating too much salty food to not getting enough quality sleep.

One way to combat these issues is to apply a lotion or cream that contains hyaluronic acid, which combats dark circles by hydrating the skin properly and diminishing the appearance of darker skin tissues. Look for moisturizers that contain this essential ingredient along with 

#5. Milia

Often just known as those tiny white bumps that seem to never go away on your skin, milia are small cysts that fill with keratin. They’re largely a reaction to the skin’s inability to exfoliate or refresh the cells in that area on its own. 

The great news here is that you can help your skin along by using an exfoliant as part of your daily skincare routine. Not all exfoliants are rough on the skin, and MD Glam’s Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub is not only gentle but effective at removing dead and dulling skin cells. Extra fine particles can also help to lift debris from clogged pores and reduce the appearance of milia. 

Aging is something we can all embrace with style and grace, but there’s no reason to flaunt the early effects of aging if you are aware of the signs and proactive with your skincare regimen. You’ll be able to reclaim some of your natural shine and vibrancy by incorporating the right products and habits into your lifestyle for maximum impact. 

That’s why MD Glam put together its Ultimate Anti-Aging Kit, a best-of collection that is specially designed to help you combat signs of aging including wrinkles, dark circles, milia, and more. This targeted quartet of solutions works together both day and night so you can look and feel your best. 

  • Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub for ultimate skin rejuvenation
  • Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser for a clean slate for your skin
  • DMAE Antioxidant Day Moisturizer for daytime hydration
  • Hyaluronic Acid Night C-Complex for nighttime restoration

MD Glam’s doctor-formulated solutions for the best in anti-aging skin care have never been more convenient than in this essential kit designed for all skin types.

And speaking of skin types, if you’re not sure where to begin, take our MD Glam Skin Quiz. We’ll walk you through finding your perfect routine and even provide you with a special discount at the end. 

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