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Daytime Anti Aging Moisturizer: Increase Skin Firmness and Hydration

Daytime Anti Aging Moisturizer: Increase Skin Firmness and Hydration

MD Glam Daytime Anti Aging Moisturizer

Moisturizers do much more than simply help hydrate dry skin—they add important vitamins and nutrients to the skin and enhance its function as well, so every skin type benefits from them. Also please don’t forget your neck. When you apply your facial moisturizer, there’s no reason to stop when you reach your jawline. You can use the same product on your neck, chest, and hands because all of these areas will show signs of aging. Your facial skin care targets wrinkles and dark spots while your regular body lotion does not. On the flip side, don’t use your body lotion on your face — it can irritate sensitive facial skin and clog pores.

Our MD GLAM DMAE Antioxidant Day Moisturizer is an antioxidant packed Day Cream fortified with Vitamin C and E that counters free radicals from UV exposure and other toxins in the environment. DMAE has been shown to increase skin firmness and hydration. It should be used every day as a daytime anti-aging moisturizer. This day cream feels light on the skin and can be worn under makeup.



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