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6 Common Skincare Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making

6 Common Skincare Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making

Common lifestyle factors like hormonal imbalance, stress, and an unhealthy diet can cause a glow-up halt, but so can these 6 common skincare mistakes you didn't know you were making. 

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What are the most common skincare mistakes we make unknowingly?

1. Over-exfoliating 


Exfoliation is vital especially when your skin goals involve smoothing out your dry/dulling texture and removing excess sebum and oils caused by the busyness of the day. However, over-exfoliating can strip and irritate the skin, leaving you more susceptible to acne flare-ups and breakouts. No one wants the notorious pizza face right? Right! So what's the fix? Using a naturally hydrating exfoliant blend that both cleans and moisturizes your skin, giving it a touch of extra-perfected glow. Some great moisturizing ingredients to check the label for on your next skincare shopping splurge include: 

  • Aloe Vera 
  • Hyaluronic Acid 
  • Shea butter

2. Not removing your makeup before bed


We’re all guilty of this one! Makeup, while beautiful, can be the worst thing for your pores if left on overnight. Making this a regular habit can result in clogged pores, dulled skin, and excess oil buildup from your products. Even doing this just one time can make a difference in your skin’s health! Makeup wipes can work in a pinch but can end up pushing makeup and oils even further into your pores. For best results and to avoid this mistake, using a regular, gentle cleanser can help you to effectively clean and clear your skin. 

Looking to make your skincare work double-duty? Use a moisturizer infused cleanser with anti-aging vitamins for that radiant glow you’ve been wanting. 

3. Layering skincare products too quickly

Whether you embrace a 3-step, 7-step, or 12-step skincare routine, you may be putting your skincare products on too quickly. Speeding through your skincare may seem better than no routine at all, but it can make cause your skin products to be less potent and effective. Plus, you could be using products that counteract the effects of the other. 

For example, many are adding Vitamin C serums and retinol into their routines for that extra firming glow. While these are great products on their own, using them too quickly can make both less effective. Vitamin C has a lower pH, which means that allowing the skin to return to its normal pH (approximately 30 minutes after application) before applying the retinol can get you radiant results. It will also help you to avoid drying irritation throughout the rest of your skincare process. 

4. DIY skincare products 

There’s nothing quite as fun as skincare, drinks, and a Netflix night in. However, crafting your skincare products from stuff you find in your kitchen can result in irritation, allergic reactions, dehydration, and more. Since DIY-skincare parties have become common post-pandemic, we want to make you aware of some of the skin-unsafe ingredients lurking in your cabinets and fridge. Common offenders on the list include: 

  • Coffee grounds (for exfoliation) 
  • Lemon slices (for astringent or cleansing) 
  • Turmeric (for masking) 
  • Cinnamon (for exfoliation) 
  • Vinegar (for astringent or cleansing) 

If you’re looking for new products to try, it’s better to invest in skin-safe, quality formulations that can get you closer to your #skincaregoals. Looking to ditch the under-eye bags for good? You probably need a plumping, supportive retinol serum to add to your nightly routine. If you’re looking for extra hydration avoid the honey and avocado mash. Instead, use a vitamin-fortified cream that’s packed with deep moisturization, leaving you with firmed, flawless skin. 

5. Forgetting to swap your drying towel 

Towels are helpful to dry your skin at the end of the cleansing phase, preparing your skin for the next step in your routine. However, something as simple as forgetting to swap your towel can result in some serious skin infections, as well as the buildup of bacteria and oils on your face. For best results and safety, you should consider having a completely separate towel for your skincare routine, and swap it out every 48-72 hours. 

6. Not using sunscreen 


Sunscreen isn’t just for the beach! This powerful tool helps to protect your skin, minimizing the risk of skin cancer, discoloration, and irritation caused by the sun’s rays. Forgetting to incorporate this step into your routine can result in inflamed, dry, and damaged skin, as well as long-term health consequences. For best results, consider investing in a professionally formulated blend that leaves you with a flawless finish, offering full-spectrum sun coverage and infused with skin-soothing extracts. 

If you’ve been making these “mistakes,” don’t feel bad — we're all guilty of doing, if not all, a few of these!  But now it's time to ditch those dirty habits and welcome the glow-up of your dreams.

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