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Father’s Day: Skincare

Father’s Day: Skincare

We’re celebrating Father’s Day on June 17th of this year and skincare does not come to mind when buying gifts for dads. Dads all over the world deserve to look their very best, but also to feel their very best. Here are some recommendation for dads:

  • Take him out for a nice spa retreat. This will keep your dad calm and relax.
  • Buy dads a great and simple cleanser, such as MD GLAM. The Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser works well for both men and women and for all skin types.
  • Give dads sun protection lotion. Like women, dads’ face and skin needs protection as well.
  • Buy dads a skincare bag. Although your dad doesn’t have many skin care products like you, but it would be nice to have a travel bag with essential skin care when he needs it.

We know your dad wont be disappointed in the gifts you give, but really he’s happy that he’s able to spend quality time with his family.



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