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Decoding MD GLAM Cosmetic Labels

Decoding MD GLAM Cosmetic Labels

Ever wonder what the cosmetic labels on the back of MD GLAM products mean? When customers purchase their products, including MD GLAM, they always wonder what the labels mean. So here are what these cosmetic labels mean.

For starters, many are not aware but we are cruelty-free. Hence, we are leaping bunny certified and we do not test on animals. You will see a bunny logo jumping. The second cosmetic label you should be informed of is our recycling symbol. This cosmetic label means we utilize a recycling company to manage its packaging waste in an eco-friendly manner. We try to keep our environment as friendly as it can be. The next cosmetic label is the book icon or also known as referring to insert. Refer to insert means that we have ingredients listed on our boxes that can’t fit onto the product itself. Fourth, the Period After Opening icon or also known as the expiration icon is an outline of how long you can use the product. And lastly, of course, is the American Flag icon. This flag indicates we are distributed and made in the USA.



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