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Clever Ways To Looking Younger Than Your Age

Clever Ways To Looking Younger Than Your Age

Tips To Looking Younger Than Your Age

As you get older, you can still look youthful and refreshed. It’s just a matter of drawing attention to your best features, and concealing things that detract from your looks. Here are some simple and fun tips for concealing those tell-tale signs of aging.

Arrange soft lighting or shade

Obscure your wrinkles and sags when entertaining guests by arranging soft lighting through your rooms. Candlelight is particularly kind to facial features, while low energy lamps, arranged at different heights and angles, will also be effective. If you’re in different surroundings, in the cruel glare of bright lights, seek out a more dimly lit corner for you and your friends; they’ll welcome its cosy atmosphere. When socializing outside on a sunny day, look out for a shady or dappled area to sit, or wear a sunhat and dark glasses to keep gray hair and wrinkles out of the sun’s revealing blaze.

Divert attention from aging features

Use an eye-catching ornament to draw attention away from wrinkles or sagging features. Choose a tasteful item, in a style that reflects your personality and perhaps in a color that reflects your eyes. It could be a hair clip, earrings, scarf, brooch or a necklace. An interesting neckline on a shirt or gracefully flowing garment can also draw the observer’s eye.

Let your clothes serve your looks

Cover signs of age, or screen them off, with strategically arranged clothes, such as a broad-brimmed hat, set at an appropriate tilt, or a loosely draped scarf or high collar. If wrinkles are starting in the cleavage area, you may wish to exchange your low-necked top for a buttoned-up blouse, or drape a shawl or scarf over. Select subtle but vibrant tones that will help brighten your complexion and reflect the ageless pools of light in your eyes. Don’t dress unnaturally old or young; just dress to suit your personality and whatever you feel most comfortable in so your inner beauty shines through.

Stay seated when it suits

Let your inner confidence and beauty shine through by standing up tall with your spine straight and don’t let your shoulders hunch forward. If you want to have a more imposing presence, you can augment your height with a hat or hairstyle that gives you height like teasing the crown of your hair. If you are seated, sit up tall and straight and even use cushions if necessary. If you love to wear heels because they make you feel young and fabulous but have trouble standing in them, choose to sit instead and cross your legs in a way to make them look lean and long.

Inner beauty shines through

There is no beauty like inner beauty so don’t allow self-consciousness to cramp your style. Besides, aging is natural and goes hand in hand with maturity, understanding and other qualities. So be proud of your years, and let your ageless personality sparkle.

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