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Why You Need Retinol In Your Skincare Routine


Adding retinol to your daily skincare routine can illuminate your skin and get you that glow from within. Click to learn more about the benefits of retinol.

Think of retinol as your all-in-one tool to get your glow on. It’s the perfect summer skincare addition, comes in a variety of forms to appeal to all different skin types and preferences, and is effortlessly easy to use in your daily skincare routine. 

Today, we’re de-mystifying retinol and will be offering you some of the top benefits that you can get just by using it in your daily skincare routine. Ready to get up and glow? Read on to learn everything you need to know about the hottest skincare addition of the summer.  

What is retinol? 

Retinol is a highly-effective derivative of vitamin A and is a skin-supportive vitamin that can be found in synthetic forms (such as retinol serums) or naturally in the foods that you eat. Retinol works to reduce wrinkle length and depth, reverse sun damage, improve texture, fade discoloration, and boost collagen production. It’s very effective for topical use, as it is a fat-soluble vitamin. This means that it diffuses and is absorbed easily in the body with the help of natural oils on your skin, helping you to reap the benefits of this skincare vitamin more quickly. 

There’s a variety of purposes for retinol use in your skincare routine, but one of the main benefits is its ability to regulate the production of sebum, which can reduce skin irritation and your risk for clogged pores. 

What is the difference between retinoids and retinol? 

Retinoids are the “blanket term” for both types of retinol-based products: which include both synthetic forms of retinol (such as the retinoic acid you’d find at the pharmacy,) or other retinol products sold at your local beauty and skin source. You likely know these products by a variety of their “other” names, including: 

  • Retinaldehyde
  • Retinol 
  • Tretinoin 
  • Retin-A
  • Tazarotene 
  • Retinyl palmitate 

How do I know which retinol product to choose? 

If you’re considering using retinol in your skincare routine, we recommend seeking care from a dermatologist to determine which products and types of retinol would be best for your skin’s unique needs. They can also assess your skin and determine if you need other supportive care measures to get you the radiant glow and skin that you deserve. 

Is retinol safe for daily use? 

Retinol is Vitamin A — a naturally occurring vitamin that you consume in your daily diet. Because of this, the body responds well to regular use, and hundreds of studies have shown that you can use it routinely with no problems. 

However, any time that you add something new to your skincare routine, you may run a risk of irritating your skin. Start slow, and find what works for you. You can always build up your skin’s tolerance over time. 

What benefits can I get from using retinol in my skincare routine? 

It’s not too good to be true! You can enjoy these top five benefits with every use of retinol in your routine. 


1. Boost your skin’s elasticity 

The secret ingredient to radiant, supple, and youthful skin comes down to a single element: collagen. Collagen production in the skin is influenced by age, exposure to environmental toxins and damage (such as UV), and diet. Retinoids (the overarching class of both synthetic and naturally-based retinol) naturally support collagen production and distribution in the skin, promoting a more resilient and elastic skin texture. 

2. Improve skin texture 

Retinoids naturally improve skin texture, as they act as a catalyst for cell production and turnover. When you use retinol regularly, your cells have a faster rate of turnover — leaving you with that fresh-faced, flawless glow that you’re looking for. This process can help reduce the appearance of creases and fine lines, as well as scars, uneven skin tone, and uneven or porous skin textures. 

3. Enjoy a personalized approach 

Retinoids come in a variety of forms, so you’ll have the ability to mix and match and determine what works best for your skin. Prescription retinoids are often at a higher dose and may come with light side effects in more sensitive individuals. However, these higher doses can be a great supplementary care option for those struggling to manage painful skin conditions, such as psoriasis. If you’re looking for a daily-use, low-dose product, you can purchase over-the-counter retinol from your dermatologist or skincare sites. These often come in serums, drops, or gels. 

Retinoids are scientifically proven to support your skin over hundreds of scientific studies, giving you the assurance you need to buy confidently. Feel free to work with your dermatologist and determine which retinol is best for you. 

4. Reduce acne 

Retinol can reduce your acne when used regularly. Retinol acts as a micro-exfoliant that can help gently cleanse and clear blocked pores and blemishes, leaving you with nothing but glowing, healthy, summer-ready skin. It's more gentle than chemical peels and beaded exfoliants, which can leave microscopic scars and tears on your skin’s natural skin barrier. It also will naturally help you to reduce the appearance of acne scars thanks to its exfoliative and regenerative properties. 

5. Balance sebum and oil production 

If you struggle with balancing oily skin, retinol can be especially helpful in managing the production of sebum and oils that lead to blackheads, whiteheads, and inflammation. They do this by keeping pores clear of dead cell buildup and minimizing the excess pooling of natural oils on the skin. 

What’s the best retinol product to start with? 


Your summer skin solution is here! Replenish and revitalize the skin around your eyes with our Retinol-C intense eye serum. Our product is expertly formulated by award-winning dermatology expert, Dr. Cat  — and leaves you with a silky-smooth finish that leaves your eyes looking fresh, youthful, and wide-awake for your morning to-dos. Vitamin A is a renowned anti-aging agent, and we’ve harnessed the power of Vitamin C and E for synergistic antioxidant and firming benefits. Erase the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, and more by adding this single step to your skincare routine!  

Wrapping it all up 

In short, retinol is the accessory of the summer if you’re looking for glowing, youthful, and healthy skin. It’s ideal for all skin types, whether you’re dealing with acne, inflammation, texturization, or day-to-day skin complaints. It’s a more gentle exfoliant option than other over-the-counter products and is especially helpful for keeping excess oil production and skin blemishes at bay. Hack your summer skincare routine and get your glow  — naturally! 

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