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Why Dr. Cat Created MD GLAM

Why Dr. Cat Created MD GLAM

If this is your first interaction with our skincare brand I wanted to take the time to introduce myself, MD GLAM, and tell you the story of why I decided to create a skincare line. 

I'm Dr. Cat, and I'm a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills. Although I am a plastic surgeon, most of what I do every day is more invasive type cosmetic procedures. I think it's important for every woman to do everyday maintenance to delay the aging process and just have really beautiful glowing skin. MD Glam is an extension of myself. The MD part reflects the scientific nerdy part of me. And the glam reflects the fact that I'm just so passionate about beauty. And like many women, I want to feel glam, even when it comes to my skincare, besides the science and the glam, one of the important things for me was simplicity, I wanted to create something that every woman could use, a lot of women get overwhelmed when it comes to skincare. They end up spending hundreds of dollars on multiple products, half of them they don't even need. So I started with four products that I think are the fundamentals, which I've used my entire life; I developed a daytime moisturizer, a nighttime moisturizer, a cleanser, and a scrub to use for extra exfoliation. I bundled these four fundament products together into a single set and I called it the ultimate anti-aging kit. 

Why another skincare brand?


I've always had an extreme passion and interest in skincare. But as a consumer, I felt that it was super confusing to figure out what products worked and which didn't work. I have patients all the time, people writing to me constantly asking me what products I recommend or what they should use or asking for my opinion. And I could never stand behind something 100% because even all the little details of products such as what molecules are being used. For example, hyaluronic acid, what is molecular size, because only certain sizes can go into the skin. I could never feel comfortable making any suggestions or recommendations because I just didn't know what was going into the products. And I'm the kind of person who has to stand behind something 100%.  I will also try something on myself and experiment with myself before recommending it to any of my patients or anyone who asks me for advice. 

So, after all the searching and after doing research, I decided that the only way for me to have something or recommend something that I could stand 100% behind was to create something myself from scratch, where I could do quality control, I could investigate and make sure that I was putting in only the highest quality ingredients. In 2007. I just sat down and started doing some research when I was at UCLA, where I looked at the actual data.  For me, until I see the actual scientific data, I'm not going to believe that something works or not. I looked at all the research that was out there and published an article called The Truth About over-the-counter anti-aging products, a comprehensive review. it was published in The Aesthetic Surgery journal, and it's been cited by many different sources.

I formulated something that I really truly believe in. Something that I know works. The whole process of creating MD GLAM products just took such a long time because I made so many adjustments in terms of the ingredients, stability, quality, and feeling. Also, things like the fragrance, the feel, the texture, I want women to just really look forward to every step of their skincare routine. When they put on the product, it makes them feel beautiful and amazing. Also, where they know that they're really getting something that's going to work for them. 

Who is MD Glam suitable for?

I get this question all the time. I created MD Glam for women of all ages and different skin types and ethnicities. So even if you're in your 20s, it's really important to start a good skin care regimen early to protect your skin as you age. And as we all get older into our 40s and even our 50s becomes even more important to really be consistent with everyday skincare. One of the other things that I cared very much about when creating this brand was safety and the fact that the products are gentle and clean and that I would feel comfortable even using them on my own daughter. They are paraben-free, petrochemical free, they are cruel free, and they're also made here locally in California. 

- Dr. Cat

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