Vitamin C Skin Care Products – How Does It Work?

Vitamin C Skin Care Products – How Does It Work?

How Is MD Glam Vitamin C Skin Care Products Different?

Many people ask me what the difference is between my product containing Vitamin C versus other skincare products. Vitamin C must be formulated in a way that is stable to be absorbed into the skin and be effective. This is particularly tricky when mixed with other ingredients. There must also be a high enough concentration of Vitamin C present to be effective. Also, only certain molecular forms of vitamin C can be absorbed in the skin and be effective. All of these details are important. As a molecular biology graduate from Harvard and published skin researcher, I cared a lot about these details and I worked extensively with my manufacturer to make sure the Vitamin C in my products was exactly the way I wanted it. When formulated correctly, Vitamin C is one of the most effective anti-aging and skin health ingredients.

MD Glam Vitamin C products are stable and effective due to the unique compositions and methods of its ingredient blends.

Here is how Vitamin C works. Exposure to harmful UV rays creates free radicals which damage collagen as well as other components of skin integrity – antioxidants like Vitamin C neutralize free radicals and protect from this damage. There have been many double blind placebo controlled studies that have shown that Vitamin C increases collagen in the skin and the integrity of the extracellular matrix of the skin. Studies using optic profilometry which measures skin surface profiles have demonstrated that Vitamin C improves skin texture, fine wrinkling, roughness, and skin elasticity. Vitamin C, which combined with Vitamin E is more effective, is one of the key ingredients in the MDGLAM NIGHT moisturizer.

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