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Dr. Cat Pins an Inspiring Message About Her Journey to Living a Balanced Life

A lot of people ask me about balance - how to achieve it and if it is possible. I believe balance comes from within and is only possible when there is harmony between our expectations of ourselves and what we actually can do. 

I remember early on in my career, I used to feel like I was so exhausted and being pulled in so many different directions and putting so much time in effort into everything without feeling that sense of balance or satisfaction. 

It was only until I realized that I had the power to define what gave me satisfaction based on my values that allowed me to find peace within. That I had the power to be kind to myself and feel fulfillment in what I was able to do instead of guilt for what I couldn't do. There is no absolute standard for success. After all, isn't feeling fulfilled and happy the true definition of success?

That is how I was able to give all the things I loved the full attention they deserved by being present while also feeling peace and happiness. Knowing that you are enough just the way you are. That to me is balance. 

- Dr. Cat



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