Taking Control: MD GLAM

Taking Control: MD GLAM

Call me crazy or a control freak but even after all the testing my products undergo, I still open up random boxes from each batch and check them – smelling them to make sure the fragrance is exactly right, applying them on myself, checking the consistency and making sure every batch is perfect. My husband always tells me “OMG babe, why do you waste so much product.” For me, I put so much time, energy and passion into the formulation of each product, I want to make sure that every MD GLAM product that goes out is amazing and the way it was meant to be. I believe that customers deserve this type of passion and dedication when they purchase skin care products. After all, you only have one skin and what you put on it matters. How you do anything is how you do everything. I don’t believe in shortcuts, I don’t believe in overnight success. Attention to detail, time, patience, and quality are my number one thing whether it’s surgery or my skincare products MD GLAM

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