Our Story

From the creator of MD GLAM, Dr. Cat Begovic

MD GLAM Our Story

"Like many women, I always felt confused about which products to use and in what combination and I've always been skeptical of marketing claims."

As a woman, plastic surgeon, and scientist, I am very particular about anything I put on my skin and only want the best. I’ve used skin care products my whole life but it's been frustrating finding one that was effective and had all the ingredients I wanted. I also had a hard time finding products that smelled fresh and light and were non-greasy.

In 2005 I started my journey and started researching the science behind anti-aging skin care products. Being a published scientist with a degree in Molecular Biology from Harvard - I wanted to investigate what ingredients and compounds had real scientific data. In 2007, I published my research in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal entitled “The truth about over-the-counter topical anti-aging products: a comprehensive review.” From that research and through continued scientific investigation, I developed my skin care line MD GLAM.

MD GLAM is an extension of myself - based on science but with the luxury all women desire. MD GLAM products combine the most effective, scientifically proven anti-aging and hydrating ingredients to improve the way skin looks and feels. MD GLAM products are simple to use. The products are clean, safe, and gentle that I feel comfortable even using them on my own daughter. They are paraben-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free. To make it more affordable to my patients and consumers, I have skipped distribution, retail, and any other middle man completely to sell it directly to customers. MD GLAM is sold strictly and exclusively through MDGLAM.COM. I am super excited to share my exclusive skin care line with all of you - Enjoy!!