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MDG Boss Girl Ambassadors

We’re always looking for passionate,
authentic, girl bosses who exemplify everything that
MD GLAM is about - integrity, female empowerment, highest standards,
luxury, and the sincere desire to help women live their best lives.❤

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Meet Our #MDGBOSSGIRL Ambassadors


“I’m in LOVE with the Day Moisturizer! This product is heaven sent!”


“My skin always feels so silky and smooth when I use my MD GLAM products.” 


“Their Ultimate Anti-Aging Kit is all I need for my dry skin! Simple and effective.”


“MD GLAM products always make me feel like I’m at the spa getting pampered.”


“My skin feels so much more hydrated and my complexion looks glowy. I love my MD GLAM products!”


“My guilt-free self-care always starts with MD GLAM because it has everything I need for daily anti-aging skin care! I’m OBSESSED!”


“MD Glam saved my skin! I love these products. Makes me feel like I am at the spa when I use them.”


“I’ve tried so many skincare products and MD GLAM is by far the best I’ve ever used!”

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