The Truth About Makeup and Acne You Need To Know

The Truth About Makeup and Acne

Makeup and Acne: Does Makeup Cause Breakouts?

Not if you’re taking it off correctly and consistently—there’s no research indicating that makeup or skincare products cause acne, and there is no consensus on which ingredients or mix of products are problematic.

Foundations are designed to stay on the top of skin; they don’t absorb into the pore and cause problems like thick, emollient moisturizers can. But what can cause acne is not getting all of your makeup off at night. Rather than blame your breakouts on the makeup you’re wearing, blame it on being a bit too tired at night to follow your skincare routine!

Make sure to wash your face with MD GLAM’s Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser that is a gentle yet powerful formulation designed to achieve skin purification and clarity while moisturizing the skin. Vitamins A, B, C, and E support collagen, improve pigment, and reduce fine lines. This cleanser is also enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea providing maximum moisturization as it cleanses the skin. This foaming cleanser feels luxurious on the skin and rinses off with a soft, balanced, and oil free finish.

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