Lift Someone Up

Lift Someone Up

Together, we are strong.

It takes real strength to lift someone up higher than yourself when they feel too weak to continue their life journey or even just to hang on and stay standing. This goes out to all the girls out there full of doubt, full of uncertainty, feeling weak, unmotivated, tired, frustrated…You are not alone, someone is always helping and the universe has its own ways of helping when you need it the most. Sometimes I also feel tired and even exhausted but then I remember that what I do in the next couple of hours can change someone’s next couple of decades. There is no coffee strong enough that can give such a boost of energy and motivation. Always ask yourself how you would act if you knew that your actions today could change someone’s future forever.

Let’s commit to lifting each other up, helping people stay encouraged and continuing towards their goals. Lift someone up today!

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