Glowing Skin on Memorial Day

Glowing Skin on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a few days away and we love long weekends, especially when you get Monday off. Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to reflect and take care of yourself before going back to work on Tuesday. You’ll finally play catch up and watch your favorite television shows, hang out with your girlfriends that you’ve been putting off the past couple of months, and you’ll finally get to take care of your skin (which you should be doing anyway). Your main goal is to make sure your skin is dewy and feeling good. Here are your must-haves for glowing skin:

Protect Your Face and Body

Remember it’s important to know during this time of the month your skin is more sensitive, even though you’re summer ready and the weather is beautiful outside. Always lather up with sunscreen and protect your skin. Take your sunscreen everywhere you go.

Wear Lip Balm

It’s always good to have your lips hydrated. Your lips will look more youthful and plump. You won’t have to worry about flaky lips when basking in the sun.

Wear Hat

For extra protection, wearing a hat that covers your entire head and face helps from getting sunburn easily.

Apply Aloe Vera

Bring something that contains aloe vera to lather on your skin. Aloe vera soothes burns, skin condition and even moisturize the skin. We recommend our everyday, light-weight moisturizer the DMAE Antioxidant Day Moisturizer that contain aloe. The moisturizer will not leave a greasy film on your face. It softens the skin without clogging pores. It is light enough to wear under your favorite sunscreen.

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