Do You Really Need a Facial Toner?

Do You Really Need a Facial Toner?

Why Doesn’t The MD GLAM Line Have A Facial Toner?

I wanted to keep MD GLAM as easy to use as possible. Also the complete kit provides all the same benefits as a toner would in a way that is powerful but gentle. Toners often change the pH balance of the skin which makes most active ingredients in anti-aging skincare either too potent – creating irritation (if it lowers the pH) or ineffective (if it raises the pH). Also toners often over the strip the skin resulting in more irritation – you need essentials on your skin to protect it and keep you from aging. The deep pore cleanser is very potent while also moisturizing at the same time (something that most cleansers lack) and the enzyme scrub is used for the extra exfoliation you might need if you have oily skin which will also add antioxidants without over-stripping it.

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