Day Moisturizers versus Night Moisturizers

Day Moisturizers versus Night Moisturizers

Most women will have day and night moisturizers in their skincare regime. Most women, like us, will ask the age old question: what’s the difference between both moisturizers? We’ll go ahead and explain the difference between both day and night and see what’s better for you.

What is a day moisturizer?

Day moisturizers are filled with vitamins and antioxidants to protect your skin from harmful toxins such as pollution. They are usually products that can be worn under your favorite makeup and/or sunscreen. Day cream tends to be lighter so you can wear it in the day, whereas night moisturizers tend to be much thicker.

What is a night moisturizer?

Night moisturizers are much thicker and the texture is heavier than your average day cream which is great for moisturizing when you sleep.Your skin repairs itself the most at night. It doesn’t hurt to nourish your skin with night cream to give you an extra boost and to help build collagen.

Can day cream be used at night or vice versa?

The answer to this question is no. There’s nothing wrong using day cream at night, or night cream during the day. The only thing you may notice is heavy and greasy feeling when using a night cream during the day.


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