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Winter Skin Care – Immediate Relief From Dry Skin

Winter Skin Care Tips by Dr. Cat Begovic

Winter Skin Care Tips by Dr. Cat Begovic

During winter, your skin loses moisture at a much faster rate, leading to the weakening of the protective top layer. You may find yourself having to apply moisturizer more often to maintain the same comfort level.

Tempting though they may be in winter, extra hot showers can increase the risk of dry winter skin. The extreme heat can break down lipid barriers which work to keep the skin moist. Stick with warm showers instead.

For immediate relief from dry winter skin when you’re out and about, carry your MD GLAM moisturizer in your bag or put one in your desk at work. Make sure you keep skin healthy at home by moisturizing after showers and before bed. Using a lotion regularly will help to replenish the moisture that winter steals from your skin.



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