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6 Quick Holiday Season Anti-Aging Tips

6 Quick Holiday Season Anti-Aging Tips

Although we can’t control the process of aging, we can sure slow it down and do something about the appearance and youthfulness of our skin. Among other things, the benefits of taking care of your skin with anti-aging products can address some problems such as skin firmness, skin elasticity, and line formation. Here are some quick steps to help you look more glowy, youthful and mostly importantly make you feel awesome!

1. Hydrate Often

Hydration can do wonders to fight the signs of aging–from keeping the skin supple to lubricating joints and muscles to boosting cognitive function. Staying hydrated also improves digestive health, which can be especially vulnerable during the holiday season. Be sure to drink plenty of plain water and consume high-water-content fruits and veggies alongside holiday fare.

2. Be Selfie Ready With A Skincare Routine

We never want to look bad when it comes to taking photos especially during the holiday.  No matter the season, the best way to get your skin to feeling and looking young is to have a skincare routine. Always wash your face with a good cleanser , use an exfoliating scrub to remove any dead skin and make sure to apply a day and night moisturizer. With this in mind, you’ll definitely will feel rejuvenated and young.

3. Always be protected. With sunscreen that is.

Make sunscreen part of your daily regimen, and even in the winter. Choose sunscreen that provides an SPF of 30 or higher and make sure to apply to your face and hands.

4. Use Warm Water

It’s hard to resist showering in hot water in colder months, but keep your skin happy by using warm water instead. Hot water can remove the natural oils from your skin and make sure skin very dry. Also, keep your bath or shower time to no more than 10 minutes. More time in the water can dehydrate your skin. When you step out of the bath, gently pat dry your skin with a towel—don’t rub.

5. Stimulate That Noggin’

Don’t let the holiday season keep you from sharpening your noggin. There’s plenty you can do to get your brain functioning at top level. Work on a creative project, like decorating or writing, or busy yourself with holiday puzzles and games. You might also try meditation, which can enhance concentration and emotional well being.

6. Self-care Saturdays

Too much holiday bustle coupled with not enough rest is hard on your body and brain and can age you quickly. If your holiday schedule is jam-packed, consider cutting it back to allow for downtime and adequate rest. Adopt a bedtime routine of doing relaxing activities before turning in and getting the hours of sleep you need to replenish strength and vitality.



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